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Cryogenic Products

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Precision Turbine Flowmeters

Sponsler Precision Turbine Flowmeters

For your complete Liquid and Gas Flow Measurement needs and increased accuracy, efficiency, and  service life, Sponsler provides a complete line of high quality, precision turbine flowmeters to meet virtually all flow measurement applications Sponsler flowmeters respond to factors such as viscosity, corrosive media, extreme temperature, and hazardous materials. Sponsler flowmeters are available in stainless steel, corrosive series and feature a hydraulically balanced turbine for rugged, compact construction allows for the most accurate and reliable measurement available.

Sponsler  will custom design flowmeters for your special needs whether for blending, batching, filling, totalizing, data logging, flow control loops, or other automated process control functions.   Let Sponsler design a flow meter based measuring system tailored to your specifications.


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