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This information will assist you should it becomes necessary to cancel an order.  The following will cover the handling of all cancellations and returns:

Cancellation Fees in Percent of Invoice Value

  • 50% - Special or custom built products including, but not limited to flowmeters made from non-standard materials (such as titanium, hastelloy B and C, etc.) and special type electronics, enclosures, fittings, etc.

  • 30% - All standard products   if no replacement order of equal or larger value was placed from the same customer.

  • 15% - All standard products provided a replacement order of equal or larger value was placed from the same customer.

Returns for Credit Fees in Percent of Invoice Value

  • Return Material Categories
    1)   Order error by representative
    2)   Order error by customer
    3)   Customer does not want
  • No credit will be allowed for:
    1)   Application Specific items
    2)   Items installed or used in the application

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Electronic Devices
Application Tools
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 Other Considerations:

  • Returns for which Sponsler Co., Inc. acknowledges error shall be at no expense to the customer. Product value and transportation will be credited after returned equipment is evaluated.
  • Returns resulting from reasons other than those listed will be negotiated between the representative and Sponsler Co., Inc. or the customer and Sponsler Co., Inc.
  • Parts are non-returnable.
  • All warranty returns are covered by Sponsler Co., Inc. as set forth in Publication SP001: Warranty Policy. Return transportation shall be paid by customer or representative.
  • No returns will be accepted after 30 days from original invoice date.
  • Any orders having special terms will be handled separately from this program.
  • Orders involving a return with no replacement order will result in a commission debit equivalent to the original commission.

For questions regarding this policy, please contact our sales department.  If you need to return materials, then please see our RMA (returned materials authorization) page for more information.





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