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IDEX Corporation

IDEX Corporation is the world leader in fluid-handling technologies for positive displacement pumps, dispensing equipment and other industrial products including clamping devices and rescue tools. IDEX's business units are organized into four groups: Fluid & Metering Technologies, Health & Science Technologies, Dispensing Equipment and Fire & Safety/Diversified Products.

Product offerings for each company are summarized below. 


Liquid Controls / Corken / Sampi / Sponsler
Positive displacement, turbine, electromagnetic and coriolis mass flow meters. Electronic registration and control systems. Positive displacement rotary vane pumps, side-channel pumps, regenerative turbine pumps, and small horsepower reciprocating piston compressors.

Pulsafeeder / Classic Engineering / Halox / Knight Equipment
Metering pumps, special purpose rotary pumps, peristaltic pumps, electronic controls and dispensing equipment.

Viking Pump / Johnson Pump (UK) / Vican Pump / Viking Pump of Canada, Inc. / Viking Pump (Europe) Ltd. / Wright Pump
Rotary gear, lobe and metering pumps, strainers and reducers, and related electronic controls.

Warren Rupp / Blagdon Pump / Pumper Parts / Versa-Matic
Double-diaphragm pumps, both air-operated and motor-driven, accessories, and aftermarket replacement parts for competitors' products.


Eastern Plastics Inc. (EPI)
Using ultra-precision 3,4,5 axis CNC machining equipment and sophisticated inspection instruments, EPI's engineers, programmers, machinists, and quality assurance personnel create complex, close-tolerance parts from hundreds of plastic materials.

Gast Manufacturing / Jun-Air
Vacuum pumps, air motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and fractional horsepower compressors.

Micropump / Ismatec / Trebor
Miniature, precision-engineered, magnetically and electromagnetically driven seal-less, external and internal gear, valveless piston, sliding vane, and centrifugal pumps. Precision peristaltic pumps, drives and fluid processing systems. High-purity double-diaphragm pumps and deionized water heaters.

Rheodyne / Systec
Precision high-pressure fluid valves and OEM sub-assemblies.

Upchurch Medical / Upchurch Scientific / Sapphire Engineering / Scivex
Fluidic components and subassemblies, including: fittings, precision dispensing pumps and valves, tubing and integrated tubing assemblies, filters, sensors and other micro- and nano-fluidic components.


Fast & Fluid Management
Precision-designed tinting, mixing, measuring and dispensing equipment.

Fluid Management - Americas
Precision-engineered equipment and controls for dispensing, metering and mixing paints, coatings, colorants, inks, dyes and other liquids and pastes.


Stainless steel clamping systems, band and buckle, preformed clamps, hand and power application tools, hose fittings, clamping kits, stainless steel cable ties and identification systems. Sign systems, sign and signal mounting systems and hardware.

Hale Products Fire Suppression: Hale Products / Class 1 / Hale Europe
Truck-mounted and portable fire pumps, stainless steel valves, foam and compressed-air foam systems, pump modules and pump kits, electronic controls and information systems, conventional and networked electrical systems, and mechanical components for the global fire, rescue, and specialty vehicle markets.

Hale Products Hydraulic Equipment: Hale Products / Hurst "Jaws of Life®" Rescue Systems / Lukas / Vetter
Hydraulic, battery, gas and electric-operated rescue equipment. Hydraulic re-railing equipment. Hydraulic tools for industrial applications. Cutters for recycling applications. Pneumatic lifting and sealing bags for vehicle and aircraft rescue, environmental protection and disaster control.


IDEX Corporation 
Main corporate site for IDEX Corporation. Contains a corporate overview, profiles of all business units, news releases, and an investor-relations area.

IDEX's corporate eBusiness portal. Available only to authorized distributors of IDEX products.


Pump School
An introduction to positive-displacement (PD) pumps, and in particular, rotary pumps.

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